We use professional equipment customized for each individual from trusted brands and companies we use ourselves.

Surfing Gear - Carmel Surf Lessons

All wetsuits and surfboards are included in your customized surf lesson

Noah has been working with equipment manufacturers to develop the professional gear needed for each lessons safety and fun. Equipment is customized for individuals from 30 to 300 pounds. We have over 100 surfboards at any one time to match your needs and the current surf conditions. You will be surprised how successful you are on the waves!

Carmel Surf Lessons uses the most current O’neill wetsuits for all lessons. O’neill Surf Company is an innovative leader in the surf industry. We purchase brand new wetsuits each year offering our clients the latest innovations from O’neill. All clients will be outfitted to match their gender, height and weight. All wetsuits are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each use. You will find them to be super comfortable, soft, flexible and warm. We often brings several sizes just in case one doesn’t fit to your liking.

Carmel Surf Lessons is always happy to assist you in the purchase of the gear to your liking. Learn to surf with us and ride tons of different types of boards before you buy one.

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